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Riverport District, Nova Scotia
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Lunenburg County, Canada

The History 
- An account of Riverport and area over the centuries from the LaHave french founding to Foreign Protestants, origins of the Ritcey's name to current day in Canada..

- Speak with one of our local businesses. They are highly motivated with qualified people and years of experience in their respective fields. 

- Supporting and serving the community with the community centre, fire services and churches and choir.

Event and Activities  
- Fishing derbies, dances, spirits, duathlons, folk festivals, geocaching, live music, come and enjoy your time down by the river.

Welcome to the Riverport Area
(Step By Step Directions)

The Riverport and District communities, anchored by their history, known by all who visit to be one of the most beautiful places in all of Nova Scotia, Canada. The Riverport District includes communities of Lower LaHave, East and Middle LaHave, Upper and Lower Rose Bay, Upper and Lower Kingsburg, Bayport and Feltzen South and Riverport. The region in Lunenburg County comprises of some 2,000 residents and 800 homes. Riverport harbour is free from shoals and provides safe shelter to marine craft from every wind - it is one of the finest in North America. 

Source: Riverport & District Land Use By-Law - MODL

We are delighted that you have come to live among us in the Riverport Area of Lunenburg County, be that full time or part time. You will find this website “” full of information about our communities, our history, our organizations, businesses, and wonderful places. The Riverport community is blessed with many skilled people who can help you with a wide variety of tasks. From the site you can access the Community Calendar which posts many of the events and news that take places. The community is particularly active over the fall, winter, and spring seasons. 

A quick reference list of community services and organizations is provided here. We look forward to meeting you.

Christine Bell (766-0202) and Jens Laursen (766-0150)
Services Phone Contact Email
Riverport Electric Light Commission 766-4890 Shelia Drake
Riverport Post Office 766-0177 Rochelle Whynott -
Rosebay General Store 766-4141 Anja & Christophe -
Recycling / Garbage Collection 543-2991 -
Organizations Phone Contact Email
Community Development Committee 766-0150 Jens Laursen (Co-Chair)
766-0202 Christine Bell (Co-Chair)
Independent Order of Odd Fellows 766-1287 Gary Crouse
Kingsburg Coastal Conservancy    766-0265 Dave Cosh (Co-Chair)
766-0136 Bob Buckley (Co-Chair)
Old Confidence Lodge Studio and Stage 766-0278 Diego Medina
Riverport Area Community Choir 766-0211 Dylan Haines
Riverport Community Center 766-4734 Dwight Eisenhauer
   Community Center Ladies Auxiliary 766-4104 Jane Durnford
   Community Center Rental 766-4559 Donna Mosher
Riverport District Board of Trade 766-0382 John Bryson
Riverport Fire Department 764-2111 Craig Cook
   Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary 766-4327 Bonnie Enslow -
   Fire Department Hall Rental 766-4767 Dorthy Grondin
Riverport Lions Club 766-4672 Don Wambolt
Trinity Fiddlers 688-3136 Maury Mossman
Churches Phone Contact Email
Riverport Pastoral Charge - United Church 766-4266 Rev. Ron Frampton
St. Andrews Presbyterian Church 634-9212 Mrs. Marion Mawhinney
St. Matthews Lutheran Church 688-1324 Rev. Willis Ott
St. Bartholomew Anglican Church 543-4860 Rev. Jane Reid
St. Mark's Place 877-394-0837 Jim Lindner
Website Phone Contact Email Website Development
   Online Community Calendar Postings 766-0150 Jens Laursen
   Calendar Photo Challenge Postings 766-0150 Jens Laursen
Governments Of Canada Phone Contact Email
Gerald Keddy - MP 527-5655 Gerald Keddy
Pam Birdsall - MLA 634-9110 Pam Birdsall
Don Zwicker - Counciller 766-4016 Don Zwicker
Economic Development Phone Contact Email
Riverport District Board of Trade 766-0382 John Bryson
Nova Scotia Chamber of Commerce 740-4132 Chris Atwood
Bridgewater & Area Chamber 543-4263 General
Lunenburg Queens RDA 543-0491 General
MODL Economic Development 541-1353 Dave Waters
MODL Lunenburg Region 541-1353 Dave Waters

The people in these organizations will be more than happy to speak with you about what they do and how you could become involved should you be interested in the best part of Canada!

You'll Love Our Nature
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Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia, Canada