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2012 Kingsburg Summer Series

Kingsburg, Nova Scotia, Canada
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Hosted by Duckworth Real Estate

963 Kingsburg Beach Rd. Kingsburg,
 NS Phone: 902 766 4670 
Fax: 902 766 4461 

Don't forget our Jazz Picnic and Dance!

Sunday, August 05, 2012 
"The Barn" 
1:00 PM - 1:00 AM 
Bring what you like to eat and drink. 
Meet old friends and make new ones. 
Guests, kids, friends - all welcome! 


Rooted in classical, jazz and klezmer music, Sageev Oore is an award winning concert pianist and multiple ECMA-winning jazz musician (with Gypsophilia). Together with his brother Dani Oore, Sageev has recently released a new crossover jazz album reconstructing classical songs, "Radical Cycle", which has been getting rave reviews. Sageev's current and past collaborators include: Gord Downie (from the Tragically Hip), Jerry Granelli, David Buchbinder (leader of Flying bulgar klezmer band, Odessa/Havana), Fred Frith, Jeff Reilly, Fides Krucker, Andrew Downing, Dave Clark (formerly Rheostatics,
Ron Hynes - Kicking The 2012 Year Off !
One of Canada’s finest singer/songwriters
Ron Hynes is reknown for his composition
"Sonny's Dream"

Music will be starting at 8:00 pm. 
on Thurs., June. 28, 2012. 
Tickets to this show are by reservation only. 
60 tickets being sold. 

Call 902-640-0174 or e-mail:

Laura Smith - Spirited Vocals and Melodies
Laura Smith's music is direct and honest. Sometimes, fiddles and guitars gently lift and carry her spirited vocals, while her melodies and careful poetry dig deep. "My work is all very simple, earth-based," says the Maritime-based singer/songwriter. Her work is not so much written, as painstakingly designed, cut and stitched together. "Like quilt craft," she explains. "I make it body and soul, with everything I have available - my sensibilities, my ability to play. So many things come into the making of a song. When I say write, it limits what I bring to bear."

Music will be starting at 8:00 pm. 
on Friday., July. 13, 2012. 
 Reserve seats by calling John Duckworth at 902-766-4670, or Tickets are $25.00/person.

Doris Mason - A Great Entertainer
Doris Mason will be playing the keyboard and singing in the Duckworth Real Estate Barn this summer. She is a Nova Scotian institution and a great entertainer. In 2010 she was chosen as a Nova Scotia Woman of Excellence and performed at the Vancouver Olympics and for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11. Doris will be performing at Staynor's Jazz Club during the Halifax Jazz Festival this summer and is currently recording new material for a CD. 

Music will be starting at 8:00 pm. 
on Friday., July. 27, 2012. 
 Reserve seats by calling John Duckworth at 902-766-4670, or 

In the Duckworth Real Estate Barn, she will be performing standards and original material. Tickets are $20.00 with all the proceeds going to the artist. BYO drinks.

 currently in Charles Spearin's Happiness Project), members of Arraymusic, Upstream Orchestra, Burning Spear, Suddenly Listen and numerous other Juno -and other award-winning- musicians in different traditions, as well as dancers and theatre performers. His performances/recordings with collaborators have been included among picks-of-the-year by publications such as Toronto's NOW Magazine and Halifax's The Coast. Oore has composed for Gypsophilia and Symphony Nova Scotia, and has also scored music for award-winning films.

TIM CROFTS Tim Crofts is active both as an educator and a performer of improvised music in Halifax. He has co-directed the SuddenlyLISTEN bi-weekly improvisation workshop with cellist Norman Adams since 2006, and has regularly been presented by suddenlyLISTEN with the Crofts/Adams/Pearse trio. Tim is also a part time instructor of music at Dalhousie university and a faculty member at the Halifax Jazz Festival's Creative Music Workshop. Tim has performed with Upstream Music, suddenlyListen, Jerry Granelli, Fred Frith, Eddie Prevost, Ghettosocks, Zokugaku, Gerry Hemingway, Graham Collier, Live Animal and Joe Maneri.

PIANO DUO: SAGEEV OORE & TIM CROFTS Crofts and Oore have backgrounds that include classical, jazz, klezmer, avant-garde and Hip Hop music. Two pianists who play naturally and comfortably together, they trade and bounce rhythmic, melodic and harmonic ideas to create a brilliant palette of sound and colour. Crofts and Oore have reinvented the Piano duo for a contemporary context ore on Aug. 11 and Sean Kemp on Aug 27th..

Music will be starting at 8:00 pm. 
on Sat, Aug 11, 2012. 
 Reserve seats by calling John Duckworth at 902-766-4670, or 
Season Finale!

Saturday, August 27 7:00PM 
Sean Kemp (Violinist Extraordinaire) 
  Join Sean for the season finale. Sean's gift of style and graced, combine with skill makes his music magical. His violin makes your imagination dance in delight.

Pilates and Yoga Information! 

For Pilates info, contact Heather Dennis 902- 766- 1777 

For Yoga info, contact Jody Manley 902- 225- 2036 

All house concerts and readings go like this: 

Bring what you like to drink.  

ALL proceeds go directly to the artists for the house concerts! And cash only, please! 

To reserve, please contact events producer John -

Everyone Welcome!

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