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Riverport Electric Light Commission

(Inc. 1920)

Local electric utility responsible for purchasing and distributing electricity within the Riverport District.

The Riverport Electric Light Commission (RELC) is one of the oldest utility suppliers in North America. RELC was formed in 1920 by an act of the Nova Scotia Legislature and is one of six Public Utilities in the Province that purchase power from Nova Scotia Power but are otherwise independent RELC provides power to about 800 customers of which 90% are domestic. RELC employs staff from the Riverport community - the locality of staff and the high level of preventative maintenance that we deliver enables RELC to respond quickly and efficiently to any power outage issues contact 

The area covered includes communities of Lower LaHave, East and Middle LaHave, Upper and Lower Rose Bay, Upper and Lower Kingsburg, and Riverport.

3808 Highway 332

Riverport, Nova Scotia
B0J 2W0

Phone: (902) 766-4890
Fax: (902) 766-4890