Riverport District Businesses

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Don Lynn - I've heard of something - related to writing, painting, and perhaps to music, called "Spirit of Place." Since here in my Nova Scotia studio I seem content to treat the same general subject or scene over and over in my paintings, I must in in thrall to the spirit of this place.

Gone to Pieces Puzzles - Both Shirley and Ewan have a passion for exploring and discovering fascinating places both by accident and design! Through our travels we have endeavoured to capture elements of nature and architecture, so whether you like the abstract or a more traditional aspect... hopefully you too can 'discover' something that also inspires you!

Janet Mason Marine Artist - Janet Mason creates Nova Scotia Landscapes, Lunenburg seascapes and beautiful flora paintings in oil, acrylic and watercolours. Since 1976, she's dedicated herself to painting Nova Scotia.

K&S Creative Woodworkers - Nova Scotia builders partner up a wide range of expertise and delivering unique custom results. One-of-a-kind design and built in cabinets, kitchens, bathrooms, cabinetry and fine furniture with advanced painting techniques applied..

Mission Arts - Handcrafted Furniture - "mission" is to produce high-quality furniture by hand-crafting skills that stand the test of time. Craftsman Peter Lamphier, owner and operator of Mission Arts, put his passion for woodworking into each and every product and stands by his workmanship.

Neil Brown Artist - My work is loose and spontaneous in pure bold colour. The sensuous movement of colour and how it relates to the white spaces and the overall composition is my goal. Being new to Atlantic Canada, I have been captivated by the endless scenes of fragrant rolling hills, sweet little harbours and the spicy life of those who work and play on the water.

Shawn South's Rustic Creations - Are locally produced wood products featuring local materials such as hand peeled apple. It is colourfully crooked and fun to work with. Chairs, tables, music stands and beds are made to order.

Stella Polaris Studios - Megan LeForte, was born and raised in the beautiful port city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. At age sixteen, while perusing the internet for an English assignment, Megan came across a website featuring the works of British painter, J.W. Waterhouse and immediately became engrossed in the beauty of his work. This happenchance encounter blossomed into a life long preoccupation with the world of fine art.

The Old Confidence Lodge - Is a recording studio, music Stage and performance Venue located in Riverport, Nova Scotia. The Building used to be an IOOF Hall, erected in 1929, and is now being restored to its former glory. Musicians and artists can be comfortable and enjoy the surroundings here.


Don Lynn - Artisan

Janet Mason Marine Artist

Mission Arts - Handcrafted Furniture

Neil Brown - Artisan

Shawn South's Rustic Creations

Stella Polaris Studios

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